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Nice small story


A Nice Story don't miss it read it Once

There was a good old barber in Mumbai. One day a florist goes to him for a haircut. After the cut, he goes to pay the barber and the barber replies:"I am sorry, I cannot accept money from you; I am doing a Community Service". Florist is happy and leaves the shop.The next morning when the Barber goes to open his shop, there is a "Thank You" Card and a dozen roses waiting at his door.

A Confectioner goes for a haircut and he also goes to pay the barber he again refuses to take the money.The Confectioner is happy and leaves the shop.The next morning when the Barber goes to open his shop, there is another "Thank you" Card and a dozen Cakes waiting at his door.

A Software Engineer goes for a haircut and he also goes to pay, the barber again refuses the money saying that it was a community service. The next morning when the Barber goes to open his shop, guess what he finds there ?

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A Dozen Software engineers waiting for a free haircut... with
Printouts of forwarded mail mentioning about the free haircut !

Guest 2684 - days ago 
floyde2.22@hotmail.com 2369 - days ago 
its a magnifical story, i think that the barber is the claver one in his town becaus its will tak a lot off things frome who get a hairecut on his shop.

thank you
ayesha (Guest) 2309 - days ago 
this one story so nice and so short but sooooooooooooooo sweet story i like it
prianca139@gmail.com+(Guest) 2303 - days ago 
nice story
Guest 2300 - days ago 
eesharc@yahoo.co.in+(Guest) 2288 - days ago 
Guest 2264 - days ago 
it sucks.
Guest 2222 - days ago 
its fact
Guest 2211 - days ago 
really nice......
Guest 2195 - days ago 
lakshmi@gmail.com+(Guest) 2195 - days ago 
eray (Guest) 2182 - days ago 
it is very good.ı laughed so much...
mathibaby@gmail.com+(Guest) 2160 - days ago 
Guest 2149 - days ago 
silly story
Ashok (Guest) 2140 - days ago 
small story but super & really nice.
laughed so much.
pooja (Guest) 2139 - days ago 
short story but superb!
pooja (Guest) 2139 - days ago 
sooooooooooooooooooo nice i laughed so much very coollllllllll!
Guest 2137 - days ago 
Guest 2127 - days ago 
very ...very nice
Rakesh Sharma (Guest) 2126 - days ago 
Nice small story a peacefull relaxation

thank you
Guest 2126 - days ago 
this storry is very nice.
Guest 2126 - days ago 
short storrry but nice
Guest 2124 - days ago 
narasimhulu (Guest) 2121 - days ago 
babygirl (Guest) 2119 - days ago 
i love this it make me laugh, it so lovely!
Guest 2116 - days ago 
good job dude..
Guest 2110 - days ago 
funny and nice i ganna use it at my quiz :p no joke
Guest 2104 - days ago 
good story
Guest 2096 - days ago 
very nice story
dinkey (Guest) 2096 - days ago 
so beautiful story a short and simple and very.v.v.v.good story
Guest 2093 - days ago 
so chweeeeeeeet
Guest 2093 - days ago 

nice story

I make it a project!
It help me for my project!
Guest 2090 - days ago 
funny cmc
Aravind (Guest) 2085 - days ago 
very nice and very short story, anyway i like that...
Suryah Velan (Guest) 2084 - days ago 
really nice......
Guest 2079 - days ago 
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a story yaar
Guest 2070 - days ago 
nice thought & nice story....
Guest 2063 - days ago 
it was nice i like it
Guest 2050 - days ago 
Feel foolish yet?
Guest 2047 - days ago 
Nice story
Guest 2033 - days ago 
wwwwwwaaaaaaasssssssssssssttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttt oooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr
abdddddddddddddddou (Guest) 2016 - days ago 
it ssssssssss vr nice nice
Ahmad (Guest) 2011 - days ago 
it's good and beautiful
ashualikhan@yahoo.in+(Guest) 2008 - days ago 
Nice and Good Story ..... Thanks ....
Guest 2007 - days ago 
hey it is gud bt not so gud
Guest 2005 - days ago 
wawa nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Guest 2004 - days ago 
a nice story بهنيكن
Guest 1998 - days ago 
hahhahah NICEEEEEE...
Guest 1994 - days ago 
nice story good one i liked it
avu (Guest) 1992 - days ago 
Guest 1991 - days ago 
Nice one :)
Guest 1981 - days ago 
super my dear
Critic (Guest) 1979 - days ago 
WTF??.. stupid post.. rubbish..
Guest 1968 - days ago 
Crack up lol
Its very nice & short story with great moral.
Guest 1962 - days ago 
not good
Baba of storys (Guest) 1960 - days ago 
Nicely story im king of stories

and isaved ur nice story withe me

im the goodest story put ididnt take story like this goo and cool and nice story
Guest 1960 - days ago 
nice im kin g of storys im here to see ur nice story of barbers takes no money Nice story i save it put idont think u did that i got all stories only that!

Guest 1953 - days ago 
Sandeep Grewal (Guest) 1951 - days ago 
that really very nice & true story
sathya (Guest) 1951 - days ago 
very nice story about engineer
Bhupal Thapa (Guest) 1937 - days ago 
very nide story I love to read story
I love to read this story
Guest 1935 - days ago 
mama it's simpley super yaaar ......ibcme a fan of u bcoz iam a software engineer yaar
Guest 1931 - days ago 

Guest 1927 - days ago 
Itsa fact.. really nice..

its happening ya..
sistahood (Guest) 1925 - days ago 
hohhoohoo... very funny and such simple
Guest 1919 - days ago 
Thank you

It is goooood
Guest 1918 - days ago 


Guest 1913 - days ago 
it is good story & i think barber is claver man
qatarii boy (Guest) 1911 - days ago 
woow nice story but a little bit short
by the way i liked the story alot :) :) :)
Guest 1907 - days ago 
Realy super...... Words also too word.
Guest 1888 - days ago 
wow.....................its fact...........really nice super laughed so much
wow...........its and really nice super laughed so much
Guest 1885 - days ago 
xxx.xxx920@gmail.com+(Guest) 1885 - days ago 
Guest 1882 - days ago 
it a very vv.v.v.v.v goon nice etory

massir (Guest) 1882 - days ago 
nice im kin g of storys im here to see ur nice story of barbers takes no money Nice story i save it put idont think u did that i got all stories only that!

Guest 1881 - days ago 
lolzz.. Engineers !
Guest 1880 - days ago 
the stor was vary good iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvdddddddddddd it

Guest 1878 - days ago 
This story is just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee...........

I liked it a lottttttttttttttttttttttt.................
sneha rani (Guest) 1875 - days ago 
it was very nice story and very jokable.
this story is totally stupid
bipin (Guest) 1860 - days ago 
awsome story
Guest 1859 - days ago 
Guest 1854 - days ago 
very nice story............. I like it....................
rey19 (Guest) 1848 - days ago 
so nice....short story
malak qu (Guest) 1846 - days ago 
nice one ... a like it .... really lovely

thnxz dear
Guest 1846 - days ago 
nice one
priyank (Guest) 1844 - days ago 
cooooooooooooollllllllllllllll :)
Guest 1838 - days ago 
wow verry nice story lovelly story

sharath (Guest) 1831 - days ago 
wow very nice stoy

malathi (Guest) 1829 - days ago 
i really enjoyed!
Guest 1822 - days ago 
it good st i like it...
Rajiv (Guest) 1820 - days ago 
Great, i enjoyed it.......
i will share........
Guest 1810 - days ago 
its an sucking story
Guest 1806 - days ago 
raji (Guest) 1806 - days ago 
its really nice.
sujay joshi (Guest) 1806 - days ago 
its realy funny ........i use it for my students
Guest 1802 - days ago 
Good funny story
namratha (Guest) 1794 - days ago 
good story

Guest 1782 - days ago 
ha ha ha...............
Guest 1781 - days ago 
good stoy
Neethu Sanjay (Guest) 1778 - days ago 
Good story, from this story we have to learn lot about free of cost...................!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 1771 - days ago 
franklin (Guest) 1766 - days ago 
wow super i like it so much thank u so much thank u thank u thank u
reza (Guest) 1757 - days ago 
thank you so much, it was beautiful but......
ish (Guest) 1756 - days ago 
nice one..=)
somabazz (Guest) 1752 - days ago 
that is awsome wooooooooooooooow
Guest 1748 - days ago 
Nice story
Guest 1748 - days ago 
Guest 1747 - days ago 
great story.......
Guest 1740 - days ago 
so short and so sweet story
salman parcy (Guest) 1737 - days ago 
dis story helpz me !!!! 2 my assingment lol
rajesh rposhan (Guest) 1736 - days ago 
excellant one vry good
it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
sunil (Guest) 1732 - days ago 

Guest 1732 - days ago 
d story suckedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Anjali Guest (Guest) 1731 - days ago 
I like this short story very much
srushti (Guest) 1724 - days ago 
a sweet funny &nice story
Nice cute short story..i liked it.
Guest 1716 - days ago 
Prodip_seu@yahoo.com+(Guest) 1712 - days ago 
Absolutely funny
Guest 1711 - days ago 
its really very funny very cute i liked it very much

Guest 1701 - days ago 
sujjurachuri (Guest) 1700 - days ago 
super question
prabhu (Guest) 1698 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1694 - days ago 
vERY NICE ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 1692 - days ago 
hello man u criticize the Software engineers.Software engineers are not like that.they bring lot of money per day.then y they are waiting for free hair cut.think the story with logic.other wise don't Criticize others
Guest 1692 - days ago 
Some body gave good comments about this story.I am giving comment this story as not magnificial one.because it critize some body.if a story means don't affect one.
Guest 1682 - days ago 
Nice story yaar I like so much so interesting
Venky (Guest) 1666 - days ago 
Its very nice. I laughed so much. Nice story.
Guest 1664 - days ago 
this story is very stupid

Guest 1663 - days ago 
chanceless story ................
Guest 1660 - days ago 
it's amazing and funny , it helped me alot thank you. :)
Guest 1656 - days ago 
superb goooooooooooood niceeeee
messi (Guest) 1644 - days ago 
nice and very small story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 1643 - days ago 
Very nice story, but I would add more things...so...
Guest 1637 - days ago 
Ya, really nice. so don't believe others always

Guest 1634 - days ago 
this is a meaningful story.
Guest 1630 - days ago 
anrudh (Guest) 1629 - days ago 
it is a little bit bore one...........
Guest 1628 - days ago 
nice one..
Guest 1623 - days ago 
funny story i liked it .....................
Nice and funny story.Its fantastic.............
Guest 1623 - days ago 
very funny

thanks veryfunny

Guest 1622 - days ago 
Guest 1618 - days ago 
it was funny

Guest 1615 - days ago 
Guest 1612 - days ago 
good story
sibani (Guest) 1612 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1611 - days ago 
gr8 yaar.....keep it up...
anuyam@ymail.com+(Guest) 1611 - days ago 
Hey dats so short nd sweet luv it!!
Dr. mahmod dehgan (Guest) 1600 - days ago 
thank you. very nice.
vanshika (Guest) 1600 - days ago 
i will make it for the project
Guest 1600 - days ago 
thank you very much
BABY... (Guest) 1595 - days ago 
Guest 1594 - days ago 
dats damn gud
Tina kothari (Guest) 1594 - days ago 
dat just sucks
Guest 1594 - days ago 
Guest 1594 - days ago 
its a funny and meaningfull story
Guest 1590 - days ago 
its gud..
i like it
mohsen (Guest) 1589 - days ago 
It"s fuunnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahahahahaha....

Guest 1589 - days ago 
Wow!The engineer is too....
Guest 1589 - days ago 
It's a nice story.:-):-):-)
Guest 1587 - days ago 
mokka story ya
murugavel (Guest) 1582 - days ago 
good story

Guest 1575 - days ago 
ya verry nice

Guest 1574 - days ago 
Guest 1566 - days ago 
really nice one......
Guest 1566 - days ago 
nice story barber
Guest 1561 - days ago 
nice story,i like it
Guest 1560 - days ago 
tanks this is good story
Guest 1560 - days ago 
really nice and fun......
Sona rose scaria (Guest) 1555 - days ago 
Jessy Scaria (Guest) 1555 - days ago 
j-xiz (Guest) 1552 - days ago 
Same same..

i think same wth u all..

J-xiz (Guest) 1552 - days ago 
I vry vry vry like it..

It s fnny..humor..n shrt..cn oso use 4 NILAM..;)
preeti (Guest) 1547 - days ago 
nice....i like it
this story is very nice
DOEACCBCA@GMAIL.COM+(Guest) 1545 - days ago 

Ani (Guest) 1540 - days ago 
ANAND UPADHYAY (Guest) 1538 - days ago 
ANAND UPADHYAY (Guest) 1538 - days ago 
prem (Guest) 1537 - days ago 
I like this story. this is very funny story
safrin Guest (Guest) 1534 - days ago 
this story is a wonderful and a funny one. i loved it. thank you for giving such nice story.

Guest 1533 - days ago 
This story is very nice & its very realitic

Guest 1532 - days ago 
good story

Guest 1531 - days ago 
stupid story all foolishness
Guest 1528 - days ago 
very nice
batool (Guest) 1526 - days ago 
so borring story i hate this thisa bad story
sparsha (Guest) 1523 - days ago 
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good
Guest 1521 - days ago 
very nice
its vry...nice .. wondrful,...
Guest 1517 - days ago 
it is soooo long story but nice story and it is not a short it is long story
Guest 1512 - days ago 
powerful story
viji (Guest) 1511 - days ago 
its really very nice story. i like it
Guest 1511 - days ago 
very nice story . super.............................
Guest 1511 - days ago 
itz nice

Guest 1511 - days ago 
so so so funny!i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 1508 - days ago 
its veryyyyyyyyyyy nice
Guest 1507 - days ago 
it is a nice story
Guest 1504 - days ago 
it'z <3ly :D !
hehe! lol

<3 it!
Guest 1503 - days ago 
meghana rose (Guest) 1503 - days ago 
soumin (Guest) 1501 - days ago 
ha haa h ahhaaaa..nice
Ra&#39;ed Abo Ouf (Guest) 1498 - days ago 
I think if this story say to the children or small students in the schools , it will be generate kind of love soul and co-operate
Murugan (Guest) 1495 - days ago 
This story really very nice,this story indicate the human mentality.
Guest 1492 - days ago 
nice for reading

Guest 1492 - days ago 
Guest 1491 - days ago 
good story for time pass
Guest 1489 - days ago 
i hav no words 2 say for this story...means it is marvellous

MAMTA (Guest) 1489 - days ago 
Guest 1485 - days ago 
wow.....ha ha ha ha ha....funny story!!!!

mohammad (Guest) 1483 - days ago 
pretty good
i like too story
so much
Guest 1483 - days ago 
Guest 1482 - days ago 
its REally Good

I Like this story

Guest 1481 - days ago 
it is not that much super story it is waste to study
Guest 1479 - days ago 
Guest 1478 - days ago 
I Like this story, it is superbbbbbbbbbb

Guest 1476 - days ago 
very nice dear one superb.....................................

Guest 1475 - days ago 
its amazing
Guest 1475 - days ago 
good story..................hahahaha
Guest 1466 - days ago 
Good one
peru (Guest) 1463 - days ago 
this story saying that software people can communicate the world easily..
jack (Guest) 1462 - days ago 
nice story

Shubham (Guest) 1462 - days ago 
so true !!! :)
Renee (Guest) 1462 - days ago 
he he yeah funny !!
Guest 1461 - days ago 
Very Nice story.
Guest 1461 - days ago 
very nice
Guest ajay (Guest) 1461 - days ago 
very nice small but nice
Guest 1458 - days ago 
very nicccce
Guest 1454 - days ago 
its good

Guest 1454 - days ago 
very very nice

Guest 1453 - days ago 
different thinking
jatin (Guest) 1453 - days ago 
it was suuuuuperb.
manipinnai@gmail.com+(Guest) 1452 - days ago 
Very nice....
abinaya (Guest) 1452 - days ago 
very nice story.......................superb..............
Guest 1451 - days ago 
HURMA (Guest) 1450 - days ago 
Guest 1448 - days ago 
fuck ol....crap story! ! !
ainan (Guest) (Guest) 1448 - days ago 
nice story
Guest 1447 - days ago 
nice but insulted us
Guest 1447 - days ago 
nice story..........we laughed so much
Guest 1446 - days ago 
clever barber...!!!!!
Guest 1445 - days ago 
very nice story....
I like it.
chenchaiah (Guest) 1445 - days ago 
llittle bit nice
very nice story
Guest 1441 - days ago 
Good one
Suresh (Guest) 1441 - days ago 
i like it
gangadharan (Guest) 1438 - days ago 
wt a funny wt a funny
Ramya (Guest) 1438 - days ago 
Poor engineers.......
Guest 1438 - days ago 
very nice story pls write some more stroys .......................

neha satish (Guest) 1437 - days ago 
super story i liked it a lot.
Guest 1436 - days ago 
damn bloody.....fooooolllll...........

i think this must be written by software engg......
Guest 1433 - days ago 
Really awesome
mina (Guest) 1431 - days ago 
v.v.v interesting short but good i laughed a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
ANNIE (Guest) 1431 - days ago 

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adhavan (Guest) 1430 - days ago 
its pure time waste story

NABIL ESSEMLALI (Guest) 1430 - days ago 

sunil (Guest) 1427 - days ago 
it is a very nice story
rj (Guest) 1426 - days ago 
nice story very
sakshianad (Guest) 1424 - days ago 
A very touching story. Whoever wrote this I say is a veeeeeeeeeery goooooooooooood writer.
Guest 1424 - days ago 
Quite excellent understanding of Engg students....:D

bhargavi (Guest) 1421 - days ago 
its too short and vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
excellent story i am proud of this story
Guest 1420 - days ago 
Software Engineers are not so bad.....I did not like the story....
Guest 1417 - days ago 
When Ar u going 2 mumbai. 4 free hier cut
rajesh (Guest) 1416 - days ago 
nice story
imran (Guest) 1411 - days ago 
its gud..
i like it

When Ar u going 2 mumbai. 4 free hier cut
ushay35@gmail.com+(Guest) 1409 - days ago 
i was super story and a nice and sweet .i laugf like a hell
Guest 1403 - days ago 
i think the barber was claber man..
Guest 1398 - days ago 
i lke it
Guest 1398 - days ago 
cool really like it
Charan (Guest) 1398 - days ago 
hahaha a nice story with a comedy in it......i like it....:-)
Guest 1394 - days ago 
Software Engineers are not so bad.....but I like the story....
Guest 1393 - days ago 
nice story!!! software engineers are not a selfish.........
Guest 1392 - days ago 
very good story!!!!
Guest 1390 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1387 - days ago 
very very funny........
Guest 1384 - days ago 
nice story but the thing is we don't have any rights criticize some one
siddhu (Guest) 1382 - days ago 
superb yar
vijay poonia (Guest) 1380 - days ago 
hi 1!t his is sanjoo from sistech(bjhopal) and i like yhis story
Guest 1377 - days ago 


khade989@gmail.com+(Guest) 1375 - days ago 
this story are very sweet and meaning full write.
Riya (Guest) 1374 - days ago 
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeyam ravi [hero] (Guest) 1373 - days ago 
it is very nice .thanks for making me to laugh
jaishith22@gmail.com+(Guest) 1369 - days ago 
very very very good story. nice thank you.
nice story :-) its a trick of barbar to make many customers
Guest 1369 - days ago 
nice story
Guest 1369 - days ago 
I'll use this in my Project in English Pop Up :D!!
Guest 1369 - days ago 
nice story!!! software engineers are
Guest 1367 - days ago 
such a nyc story thanks
Guest 1367 - days ago 
cool i should say also really funny
Guest 1366 - days ago 
i'm gonna use these story for my project.:)
Guest 1364 - days ago 
nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 1362 - days ago 
Guest 1361 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1359 - days ago 
this reminds of my 2 friends who is a Barber and a Florist
Guest 1358 - days ago 
it's really nice small story
arun geeth (Guest) 1358 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1356 - days ago 
nice and good
kashyaphalani (Guest) 1356 - days ago 
superb story
Guest 1356 - days ago 
really good story i remember it for whole life......mast hai yaar

Guest 1355 - days ago 
amazing ..:)
Guest 1355 - days ago 
awesome story.............
Guest 1355 - days ago 
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv good story
A nice story.Potrays excellent sense of humor. Dot coms should not take it personally. It is a wonderful satire which depicts the mentality of people which we find around us.I like the way it is presented
sawanxboy@gmail.com+(Guest) 1352 - days ago 
awesome guyz plz mail me! at sawanxboy@gmail.com
Guest 1349 - days ago 
good story, but its true
Guest 1348 - days ago 
excellent dear
Guest 1347 - days ago 
hella cute <3
Guest 1346 - days ago 
not bad its good only
Guest 1344 - days ago 
this nice story ,but shortly finished .....so,i like longlly story of this......
Guest 1344 - days ago 
what alovely story..i really enjoy this Joke..:)

kate (Guest) 1343 - days ago 
i am using this story in my assessment and i got full marks
thank u very much
Guest 1343 - days ago 
Guest 1342 - days ago 
it was very short story and very talent person story
Guest 1334 - days ago 

Deepak kumar (Guest) 1330 - days ago 
wow! nice story.............
Guest 1329 - days ago 
software engineer are chip..
Arun Gowtam (Guest) 1329 - days ago 
Mokka story.

It s fare.
Guest 1326 - days ago 
Does this qualify as a story or a silly jopke?
nithin (Guest) 1321 - days ago 

Guest 1321 - days ago 

Mani Shankar 1321 - days ago 
Very Superb !!
deepanshu (Guest) 1319 - days ago 
what an awesome story
sajjad (Guest) 1317 - days ago 
i really enjoyed it hhhaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa
Guest 1316 - days ago 
it is good jock
Guest 1315 - days ago 
baber was so kind ,helpful
he donot go back to do work or to help the community.
Guest 1315 - days ago 
Guest 1315 - days ago 
the barber was too kind generous and helpful
he help to the community
but it is pleasant story
RAZzz_World (Guest) 1306 - days ago 

But very sad for me, coz im related to IT department...
RAZzz_World (Guest) 1306 - days ago 
Awesome and sad for mr, coz im related to IT department...
lol :) (Guest) 1305 - days ago 
nice 1 ppl gt me lafin 4 once :)
cm (Guest) 1302 - days ago 
very nice story... :)
Guest 1296 - days ago 
Very Nice ans Simple Story....
Manjula (Guest) 1296 - days ago 
nice story ...
Guest 1296 - days ago 
funny but very good for relaxation
thank you.....
Guest 1296 - days ago 
Guest 1293 - days ago 
very nice...
sam (Guest) 1291 - days ago 
vary nice story
mradulraja@gmail.com+(Guest) 1291 - days ago 
a nice story
my email id is

please send me more stories like this

the funny little story

who has written this story

i like it the most



Lata (Guest) 1286 - days ago 
may be the software engineer want to check the barber patience............
shaguftha mehroze (Guest) 1283 - days ago 
good really like it
Guest 1280 - days ago 
there is no title....................................................all is foolish
khyzer (Guest) 1278 - days ago 
Guest 1276 - days ago 
who wrote this story?
senthilsre@gmail.com+(Guest) 1276 - days ago 
i think software engineer are team co - ordinators . so as like, in this story also that engineer did the same job
saleena (Guest) 1275 - days ago 
very good story!!!!!!

Guest 1275 - days ago 
saravana (Guest) 1273 - days ago 
story is very nice
Parveen Parashar (Guest) 1271 - days ago 
nice story!!! i like it so much. Really unbelieveable.
devi (Guest) 1271 - days ago 
super.unexpected answer
Guest 1270 - days ago 
nice story but same trick is not apply for everyone
Guest 1269 - days ago 
Awesome superb story
gokul (Guest) 1268 - days ago 
this was a nice story
riya rathod (Guest) 1265 - days ago 
very jokey story but nice !!!!!!!!!!
very good story............. !!!!
Guest riya rathod (Guest) 1265 - days ago 
very ggoooodddaaaaaa story
kalana175@gmail.com+(Guest) 1262 - days ago 
very nice story
Guest 1262 - days ago 

funny and nice story
Guest 1258 - days ago 
really good
Guest 1255 - days ago 
very interesting and funny hahahaha!!!
very funny hahaha!!!
NAVAS (Guest) 1254 - days ago 
VERY NICE STORRY,,,,,,,,,,,, I LIKE IT,,,,,,,,,,,
Guest 1253 - days ago 
It is very cool

Guest 1248 - days ago 
cool story dude
Asaithambi (Guest) 1246 - days ago 
Really nice story...i am happy about this add some more stories interstingly..
sana (Guest) 1246 - days ago 
nice story i like it
Guest 1245 - days ago 
very superb
Guest 1244 - days ago 
Its true:)
BOSS (Guest) 1242 - days ago 
Excellent story!!!
Guest 1242 - days ago 
the greetings from the software engineers is way tooo different but sweet..... <3
savita (Guest) 1242 - days ago 
its really nice.............. i laughed so much with my friend when i red this story.
Guest 1241 - days ago 
Its tooooo gudd... we wish more stories from this person
pdp124@gmail.com+(Guest) 1238 - days ago 
veery superb................................ nice i like it ,...........................................................
Guest 1232 - days ago 
hyder (Guest) 1230 - days ago 
very nice, i am so happy
Guest 1230 - days ago 
its guD
Guest 1229 - days ago 
Guest 1227 - days ago 
nice thought

cool like it
Guest 1220 - days ago 
Begger engineers.
Guest 1218 - days ago 
anand :::::nice story
Guest 1217 - days ago 
very nice story,but nowadays we cannot see this kind of person.all are selfish
Malathi (Guest) 1217 - days ago 
story is very nice.nowadays we cannot see this kind of people.all are selfish
m-1723 (Guest) 1214 - days ago 
like much ^^
Guest 1211 - days ago 
cooooooooooooooool i use it for my friend

nour (Guest) 1211 - days ago 
i use it for my friend
RHRSAB (Guest) 1211 - days ago 

Julia (Guest) 1210 - days ago 
I love it !
Guest 1207 - days ago 
jaishith22@gmail.com+(Guest) 1207 - days ago 
jaishith22@gmail.com+(Guest) 1207 - days ago 
OMAR (Guest) 1204 - days ago 
Guest 1203 - days ago 
very niceeeeeeeee.......
Guest 1202 - days ago 
senthamizh (Guest) 1200 - days ago 
Guest 1198 - days ago 
very nice , very good , very interesting , very funny .
rohit (Guest) 1198 - days ago 
Guest 1197 - days ago 
cool stories...:)
Guest 1197 - days ago 
Interesting one
Mrudula (Guest) (Guest) 1196 - days ago 
It is really veryyyyyyyyyyyy funny
Guest 1196 - days ago 
It is very super
Guest 1196 - days ago 
Guest 1196 - days ago 
chaaaaaaaaala bagundhi
very nice
Guest 1194 - days ago 
so funny !!!!!
Guest 1194 - days ago 
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kavi (Guest) 1193 - days ago 
very nice story . superb
radha (Guest) 1193 - days ago 
very nice yaaar
Guest 1193 - days ago 
Guest 1190 - days ago 
good one,

Guest 1189 - days ago 
its about hw young generation people

Guest 1184 - days ago 
nice and a hilarious story
Guest www (Guest) 1183 - days ago 
Guest 1183 - days ago 
Guest 1182 - days ago 

praga (Guest) 1179 - days ago 
it's so nice
Guest 1177 - days ago 
Guest 1176 - days ago 

Guest 1172 - days ago 
I Dont know the meaning of florist and confectior
Guest 1169 - days ago 
sweet story & i like it
Guest 1165 - days ago 
Nice one :)
starboy (Guest) 1163 - days ago 
nice story

spyboy (Guest) 1163 - days ago 
n3faa story nice!!

Guest 1161 - days ago 
very bad .iam very angry with the story
Guest niha (Guest) 1161 - days ago 
very bad. it is not a good story
Jacob Robin (Guest) 1155 - days ago 
hahahah very very funny =) =) =)

Guest 1153 - days ago 
it was not a story at all. it was kinda joke
Guest 1152 - days ago 
my name is niyati i like the story
niyati (Guest) 1152 - days ago 
a story without moral
Guest 1150 - days ago 
mahdiyeh (Guest) 1149 - days ago 
vary nice, but I don't like the last one
Guest 1147 - days ago 
Hitesh patel (Guest) 1145 - days ago 
Oh, very like to me
Rasmi Teja (Guest) 1145 - days ago 
twist is suuuuuperrrrrrr
Guest 1144 - days ago 
it is quit interesting gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Rakesh chavan (Guest) 1142 - days ago 
oooosame brathar
kyrgyz (Guest) 1142 - days ago 
it is excellent
Guest 1137 - days ago 
Guest 1132 - days ago 
KRITIKA (Guest) 1127 - days ago 
YAYAVI (Guest) 1127 - days ago 
Guest 1126 - days ago 
hhhhhhhhhhh I like it
Guest 1125 - days ago 
its a beautifull story it is a to a boy..hahahahay
Guest 1123 - days ago 
Guest 1123 - days ago 
Very interesting.........
Guest 1122 - days ago 
saurav soni (Guest) 1120 - days ago 
it is outstanding man i like it to much
saurav soni (Guest) 1120 - days ago 
i like to much have me one more story like this
ravikumar (Guest) 1120 - days ago 
its very nice story to say the child ,
Luchingbi (Guest) 1119 - days ago 
So funny...lol
don 3 (Guest) 1115 - days ago 
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XUXU (Guest) 1115 - days ago 
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Lakshay (Guest) 1113 - days ago 
SHORT AND NYC..................................
Guest 1112 - days ago 
very gud
Guest 1106 - days ago 

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RAVI (Guest) (Guest) 1106 - days ago 
u r ri8
Guest 1098 - days ago 


Guest 1096 - days ago 
Guest 1096 - days ago 
many people talking about it in internet
mifeijoo@gmail.com+(Guest) 1096 - days ago 
many peoplo talking about it

Funny but hard to say why.
Software engineers deal in information not stuff.
Hard to put a dozen information on the barber's doorstep.
To show his gratitude he tells his engineer friends what happened increasing the barber's reputation.
If the barber is smart, he will accept the dozen payments the software engineers will gladly pay.
so goood............
sharmila (Guest) 1089 - days ago 
Nice story…. Nowadays, educated and so called cultured people are become very narrow-minded….. it is true......
Guest 1085 - days ago 
Guest 1082 - days ago 
I think it doesn't work with all people if me i'll not come back to him again hhhhh
Guest 1082 - days ago 
good,funny i laughed!
stbrtdhal2@gmail.com+(Guest) 1081 - days ago 
its nice
Guest 1081 - days ago 
Guest 1079 - days ago 
Nisha (Guest) 1077 - days ago 
hey itz superb.......
Guest 1077 - days ago 
itz nice.......
Raja Modepalli (Guest) 1076 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 1072 - days ago 
Very naice,
balaji as balu (Guest) 1072 - days ago 
its funny ...nice story yaar
sahiba (Guest) 1070 - days ago 
nice story..............
Guest 1069 - days ago 
nice story , i like it,,,,,,
Guest 1064 - days ago 
very good
so000000000000000000000000000000 nice and good storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Gilbert (Guest) 1062 - days ago 
Nice story really i enjoy that!!!!!!!!
very nice story regarding today's software engg...
sana (Guest) 1062 - days ago 
I like it this story and I teach more things
Guest 1060 - days ago 
not good
Guest 1056 - days ago 
ya very funny
Guest 1053 - days ago 

Guest 1050 - days ago 
so nice
Guest 1050 - days ago 
soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice your story i like it
Guest 1050 - days ago 
Guest 1049 - days ago 
super story
it help it for my activity work in class
thank you....................................
Guest 1049 - days ago 
superpub story yaar........ i like it
Guest 1048 - days ago 
Guest 1045 - days ago 
nice but good
Guest 1038 - days ago 
good comedy story...
Mahu sudan Guest (Guest) 1035 - days ago 
Relay Nice Story to the person write have a command to express the feel
it made me happy,i loved it lot
Vimal (Guest) 1034 - days ago 
this is all comes under community problem .
Guest 1032 - days ago 
Really very super,i enjoyed
Guest 1026 - days ago 
small story but i like it

Guest 1025 - days ago 
i like the story...very beautiful create the story
Guest 1022 - days ago 
very funny
Guest bala (Guest) 1019 - days ago 
joy (Guest) 1011 - days ago 
very nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Guest 1011 - days ago 
very bad
Guest 1008 - days ago 
it sucks and nothing is cool in it just shit
Guest 1007 - days ago 
very nice story i like it please post more storys
Guest 1003 - days ago 
like the story

Guest 1002 - days ago 
Guest 998 - days ago 

Guest 994 - days ago 
Its good story
Guest 992 - days ago 
Guest 984 - days ago 
Really nice story. Thank u.....
sderedfer (Guest) 956 - days ago 
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Guest 956 - days ago 
ahahahahahahaha bad
Guest 952 - days ago 
nice and good story

Mahesh Kumar (Guest) 951 - days ago 
so nice. . .
Guest 943 - days ago 
nice story...i like it
RAMSHI (Guest) 932 - days ago 
WOW SUPR & NICE...........

supr & nice story gd
Guest 924 - days ago 
very nice
Guest 916 - days ago 
very best story many time stories made wisdom . vilas rakate
fatema (Guest) 912 - days ago 
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and beautiful storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i like it
Guest 908 - days ago 
umar (Guest) 902 - days ago 
Very nice story
Guest 895 - days ago 
Guest 889 - days ago 
nice sex story superrrrrrr
Guest 886 - days ago 
nice storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Guest 880 - days ago 
nice story i love it so much
toto (Guest) 880 - days ago 
it's very nice story i love it soo much
saja (Guest) 852 - days ago 
loved it :)

Guest 852 - days ago 
the story is iwwwwwww i hated the stuped story
Guest 844 - days ago 
i dont get it its rubbish
Guest 843 - days ago 
Really nice story wwwwwwwwwwwow
Guest 778 - days ago 
it doesn't matter story is good or bad, but matter of entertainment it is a full pack so nice to read it.
Guest 775 - days ago 
consumer is better than seller
Guest 771 - days ago 
Really rocking
Guest 765 - days ago 
hahhahahahahahaha sweet sweet ,
askah (guest) (Guest) 765 - days ago 
hahahahs sweet sweet :)))))))))))))))))))))))
Guest 759 - days ago 
ramya (Guest) 755 - days ago 
nice story
Guest 755 - days ago 
I like this story
Guest 755 - days ago 
Very good story .
Guest 739 - days ago 
Epic! FAIL
Guest 720 - days ago 
It was nice.coooooooooollllllllllllllllll
swetha (Guest) 716 - days ago 
vvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnny superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb stoooooory. haahhaaahahahahahahahaha

software enggneers are alwayssssss different

aaaaaaaaaaa Guest (Guest) 667 - days ago 
I like it it is nice storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Guest 667 - days ago 
Guest 667 - days ago 

nice punch
bobgt (Guest) 612 - days ago 
it is the best story i'v read
Guest 475 - days ago 
nice story
Guest 460 - days ago 
the story nice three line and many guest very good >

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