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Take the TOTFL

here is a small test to check your Tamil proficiency:

Are you ready to take the TOTFL (Test of Tamil as a Foreign Language)?

1) What do you do with a Gujili?

a) Gujaals
b) Gilma
c) Gilpans
d) Galij

2) What is a Jujubi ?

a) Something sweet
b) An easy one
c) A tough one
d) An Alwaa

3) What is Alwaa?

a) Something you find in Tirunelveli
b) What a girlfriend gives when she marries someone else
c) A laddu
d) Jujubi

4) What is the respectful way to address a friend?

a) Machi
b) Sir
c) By name
d) Aiya

5) Who is a 'Frooti' ?

a) A studious person
b) A sportsman
c) The professor
d) A soft drink

6) When someone says 'nambitten', what do they mean?

a) I don't believe you!
b) Sure, I believe you
c) Are you nuts??
d) I have to catch a bus

7) Who or what is Peter?

a) A tourist
b) Someone who talks only in English
c) Peter Jones
d) Your teacher

8) For which of the following ! events will you say 'Gumbaloda

a) When you go to Tirupati as a group
b) When the entire gang has been caught watching 'matter'-padam
c) When you do group studies
d) Meeting a Hindi actor

9) What is a 'rupture'?
a) Kadi
b) Draabai
c) Trouble
d) Danger

10) When Someone refering to a woman as 'Seriyana Kattai' ?

a) she is genius
b) she is lean
c) she had looted all guys eyes...
d) she wears wooden chappals.

Check out the answers ...
Correct Answers:

1 - a, 2 - b, 3 - b, 4 - a, 5 - a, 6 - a, 7 - b, 8 - b, 9 - c, 10 - c

If you have scored more than 7 marks , Kalakitta maams...

Refer the following Dictionary Of Madras Tamilu to pass in this TOTFL

Allwa - To cheat
Aatha - Mother
Abase - Loot adiththal
Alppam - A silly/cheap dude
Anna - The elder brother
Anni - Anna's figure
Appeettu - Unsuccessful
Asaththal - Kalakkal
Bajari - A not-so-friendly figure
Bandha - Pillim
Bekku - Fool
Body - Muscular Machi
Chithee - Aunty Figure
Dapsa/Doop - Lie
Desi Gujili - An Indian figure in US
Dhil - Courage
Dhool - Super
Dham - To smoke
Daavu - Site seeing
Dickielona - A friendly game played in Delhi(courtesy Movie :
Damaram - Deaf
Dori - Squint-eyed Figure item - Young/Attractive Lady/Women/Girl
Freeyaavidu - Forget it
Gaali - Appeettu
Gujili - Figure
Guru - Head of the gang
Gujaals - Having fun with Gujilis
Gaanapaattu - Rap song sung by Machis
Galeej - Dirty
Gilli, Goli - Traditional games played in Madras
Goltti - A dude f! rom Andhra
Jakku - An exclamation on seeing a not-so-Takkar figure (see Jil
Jollu - Bird watching
Jilpaans - Gujaals
Jute - Escape when caught up by girlfriend's father.
Jujubi - Easy
Jil - An exclamation on seeing a Takkar figure
Jalsa - Same as Gujaals
Kaattaan - Uncivilized/ Rude Machi
Kenai - Idiot
Kikku / Mabbu - Intoxicated/under influence
Kalakkalls - To cause a flutter
Kanai pakri - Friend of ushar pakri
Kindal - To make Fun
Kaka adikarathu - Putting soaps to someone
K M L - Kedacha Mattum Labam
Kutti - Figure
Kudumba figure - Homeloving Gujli
Kudumba paatu - A song with which machis identify themselves
Kulls - A short machi
Laddu - Allva
Loot adiththal - to steal
Maams - One cool dude
Maanga - Fool
Machi - Maams
Mandai - A sharp guy
Mary - feminine of Peter
Mavu - refer O B.
Nachunu - Bull's eye
Nambitten - I don't believe you
Naattu Katt! ai - A well-built village figure
Naattan - Villager
Naamam - To cheat
Naina - Father (courtesy Telugu)
Kadalai - Machi talking to a Gujili or vice versa
OB- To waste time
Ottal - To make fun of some one
Ondrai anna - Worthless
Pattaani - Machi talking to Machi or Gujli talking to Gujli
Peter Party - Machi trying to show off by talking in hi-fi english
Pathni - A figure who goes around the block
Pakkri - A shrewd dude
Petta - Area
Pisaaththu - Cheap
Pillim - Show-off
Peela - To lie
Rambo - A manly figure
Sister - Often used by Machis while Approching Figures for the first
Songi - Lazy
Saanthu pottu - Possibility of getting beaten by a stick (courtesy
Movie :
Thevar Magan)
Takkar figure - Semma figure
Thanni - Liquor
Thalaivar - Leader
Tin katrathu - Getting into trouble (courtesy Movie: Anjali)
Ushar pakri - Smart pakri
Vennai - Fruit
Weightaana figure - A very attractive/rich figure
Wrong kaatrathu - Acting indifferently

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